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Age No Barrier for the Three Peaks with Yoga

Our 69+ Year Old Yoga Student and the Three Peaks Challenge

I’ve only gone and done it !

When I was first asked if I wanted to join in the 3 Peakers I hummed and hawed, was I fit enough ? Did a few walksin the Dales qualify me as a serious walker? Did I have the stamina for 24.9 miles?

So I started walking everywhere, to the shops, to see friends​ and every Sunday 10 or more miles.  I also joined in with some of the practice walks and was pleased with my progress I kept a​ good pace and completed the miles.

Then my bunion became inflamed!

Then I got a trapped nerve  in my shoulder​!​

Was I becoming my own saboteur?

This is were I give a BIG shout out to YOGA​.​​  I had a chat with Angela in classexplaining my dilemma she help me with​  gentle glorious stretching.  The relief was amazing.​  Building strong muscle, lubricating juicy joints.

YOGA really is for everybody​!​

As we were getting closer the Challenge!  We all had something​ to contribute to making the day as comfortable and safe​ as possible; the best snacks to have in your pocket, (jelly babies​ come out on top…)​  Swapping tips for the best boots to use, comfiest socks​ and even the best knickers… What a brilliant team effort and terrific back up crew, meeting us with hot drinks, scrumptious food and encouragement to see it through to the finish, which we all did.

Thank you to everyone at Om Yoga Works for a brilliant day and support in and out of classes.

From a lady ​who at 69 years + is forever grateful to yoga!

PS​. If you have ever wondered if Yoga is for you give it a go it not only builds a healthy body, but a healthy mind set and confidence.

Namaste  HH