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Yoga for Spine Health

Weds 2nd Nov - 7th Dec
10.45am - 12noon
Teacher(s): Andrea Brajer
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities

Yoga for Spine Health – 2nd November to 7th December

Yoga is the fountain of youth! You are only as young as your spine is flexible.  Bob Harper

A 6 week course for a maximum of 9 participants.  You will learn how to improve your back health and how to maintain a good healthy functional spine.

Do you have lower back pain? Has someone made you aware your posture isn’t quite right?

Do you struggle to put your socks and shoes on? Feel uncomfortable sitting upright? If so, this course is definitely for you!

The course is still for you if your back is absolutely fine and you want to make sure that you are tooled up to keep it that way.

The sessions will be informative and interactive. You will be prompted to take notes, ask questions and practice at home.

There will be loads of observations made by you, on you, you will discover ways to move your unique body which supports you the best!

Attention will be given to the breath and tools to aid your ability to relax will be shared.

All props will be available and some props are included in the price for you to take home and keep… and practice with!

Time: 10.45am - 12noon

Your investment is £80.00 (includes some props to keep).

A £20.00 non-returnable deposit to be paid at the time of booking and the outstanding amount by 11th October.

*Your time to attend the weekly class
*Your time to practice at home


Book with Andrea on 07703 325 031

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Andrea Brajer

Andrea Brajer

I help people on their journey to find their own love for yoga and make it their lifestyle for a happier and healthier life. View my profile