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Claire Hall


My name is Claire Hall, eternal yoga student and teacher. The Hatha Yoga I teach is truthful, honest and respects the human body in all its greatness. Yoga helps me to negotiate life, which allows me to continue to clean my bathroom floor on my hands and knees and get up without making an oomph sound! It allows me to tackle stressful situations in a less involved way, it just takes the edge of life a bit and it allows me to see the truth of who I actually am.

I began to see this truth about eight years ago when I started my yoga journey with my teacher Bridget Rowan here at Om Yoga Works. She showed me the light and set me on the path, a path she still walks with me today. I needed to know more, what was this powerful thing that was allowing me to become a person I was more comfortable with? The search for the truth led me to workshops with many inspiring teachers such as teachers from the Mandala Ashram, Pete Blackaby and Phil Xerri. During this time, I began to feel the need to share this wonder and embarked on the BWY Diploma Course and I qualified in 2020. Again, more wonders, answered questions and many unanswered questions. I began to realise that this is a journey of many lifetimes but that is the beauty of yoga, there is always more to learn.