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Yin Yoga – Saturday

10.00am - 12.00pm
Teacher(s): Katya Harington, Angela Ripley
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Beginners, Intermediate, Advance
Yin Yoga Class Leeds

Yin Yoga is time for self-care, time to slow down, time to just be as you are skillfully guided into long mindful holds.

These sessions are taught by Angela or Katya, please book all sessions through Angela.

Angela’s classes will be themed around the seasons.  We will explore how our practice can help us live our best life by working in harmony with the elements and meridians related to the season.  Angela will weave stories, poetry and folklore into the sessions alongside breathing practices and relaxations or meditations to ensure you leave the class feeling balanced, happy and eager to learn more.

During Katya’s classes she will play the beautiful soothing sounds of the Hapi & Hang drum which are the perfect accompaniments as you settle and yield into each gorgeous meditative posture.

Katya’s style is gentle, with a somatic approach to help empower students to go within and find the union of mind, body and soul.

Yin yoga is a practice to luxuriate in therefore these fortnightly classes are 2 hours long.

Booking essential.

Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm
Next Classes:
  • 22nd October - Angela
  • 5th November - Angela
  • 19th November - Katya
  • 3rd December - Katya
  • 17th December - Angela

£22.00 Monthly Standing Order

Guarantees your space in the fortnightly Yin classes.


£12.00 per class when booking 4 classes = £48 (these don’t need to be consecutive)

Pay as you YoGa – £15.00 / £14.00 for Ommies

First class with £10.00 trial price.



Please contact Angela

T: 07786 255 211

E: anji@omyogaworks.co.uk

(These sessions are taught by Angela or Katya, please book all sessions through Angela.)

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Katya Harington

Katya Harington

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Angela Ripley

Angela Ripley

Angela successfully ran Rodley Yoga Works for several years before uniting with Bridget to form Om Yoga Works. View my profile