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Somatic Movement with Ian Young

Teacher(s): Ian Young
Ability Level: Open to All

Somatic Movement

This gentle and accessible practice is suitable for all but can be surprisingly powerful at releasing tension from your body so you can move and feel better.

We use a powerful technique called pandiculation to squeeze into the tightness in our muscles caused by unhelpful habitual ways of holding ourselves then we do delicious slow yawning lengthening.

This practice can free us out of our bad habits so we can find more effective and functional ways to move by breaking down movements in different parts of the body and reprogramming our brain so we can find better ways to move.

It is a relaxing practice that can feel like you are giving yourself a massage without needing anyone to do that to you!

Ian teaches from the inside out as he has learnt to unwind the tension from severe spinal arthritis since childhood .

Next Classes:
  • 1st June - 2pm-4pm
  • 14th September - 10am-12noon
  • 19th October- 2pm-4pm
  • 16th November- 2pm-4pm
  • 7th December- 2pm-4pm

£25 or £22 for Ommies

Or book for all 7 sessions for a super special price of £120 (£110 for Ommies)
Payment in full is required at time of booking and is not refundable.


Please contact Ian to book direct


E: owlyian@yahoo.co.uk

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Ian Young

Ian Young

The power of his teaching comes from his fully embodied sense of how Somatics is able to release tension from the body and he is able to teach from the inside out as he has been through the process himself. View my profile