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Hatha Yoga – Evening Mel

7.15pm -8.45pm
Teacher(s): Mel Hibbert
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Beginners, Intermediate, Advance

A weekly Hatha yoga class for those who are wanting to slow down and find a quiet space in which to move, breathe and be. We will explore movements and yoga postures mindfully in order to develop greater awareness of how we move and breathe, so that we can gradually find more helpful ways of moving and being in our bodies.

The class will include plenty of time in supine (lying down) to begin with, exploring warming and releasing movements, before moving on to more strengthening postures on all fours and in standing. Modifications and alternatives are offered for anybody working with an injury or limitation.

The class draws on a wide range of hatha yoga practices, including active and restorative yoga postures, breathing practices and meditation. I also at times weave in practices from other mind/body modalities that I find to be beneficial in my own practice, including somatics, daoist yoga, Qi-Gong and Mindfulness.

This class is for anyone wanting to ease their way into movement, start or re-start a yoga practice, those who may be struggling with fatigue, stress/burnout, people who are recovering from injury or illness, or those who simply prefer a slower approach to yoga.

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Time: 7.15pm -8.45pm

£5 for the first class

£33  (standing order due on 1st of the month)

For more information please see Prices/Terms & Conditions 

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£12 per class More


You can book a space for the class using my online booking system. You can register for this here

Alternatively please email me somayogaleeds@gmail.com or call/text on 07498 297867.

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Mel Hibbert

Mel Hibbert

Yoga offers us the opportunity to pause, to breathe and simply be. It allows us to connect more kindly with ourselves and to create a compassionate space for all that arises - the good, the bad, and the ugly! View my profile