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Hatha Yoga – Evening Claire

6.00 - 7.30pm & 7.45 - 9.15pm
Teacher(s): Claire Hall
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Beginners, Intermediate, Advance

Within Claire’s classes there are elements of the traditional Hatha Yoga practice interlaced with modern day theories and practices.

Claire believes movement should be meaningful and have a purpose in our everyday lives allowing our bodies to function as they should. Classes will take the traditional form of settling, asana (functional physical practice), pranayama (breathing practices) and finishing with deep relaxation. Classes follow themes to connect body, mind and spirit, these themes may link aspects of Yogic philosophy or anatomy. Claire also believes that our connection to the natural world is vitality important in our everyday lives so classes will also follow the cycles of the earth and nature using readings and poetry to immerse ourselves deeply. Each class becomes an experience of letting go, connection and belonging, to allow ourselves time to ‘just be’

Nothing special is required from you, including clothing or equipment, just something that allows movement and is comfortable to wear. This class is suitable for all, from beginners to the more experienced as the class is skillfully adapted to allow all to participate fully.

The heart of the practice itself is not the structure or dogma or even the postures themselves. It is our experience of the practice… Yoga is not a system to change us, it is a celebration of who we really are

Biff Mithoefer

Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm & 7.45 - 9.15pm

First month trial price £20!

£33  (standing order due on 1st of the month)

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£11 per class (£9 for Ommies) More


Claire Hall
T: 07722241676
E: Yeadonyoga@gmail.com

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Claire Hall

Claire Hall

The Hatha Yoga I teach is truthful, honest and respects the human body in all its greatness. View my profile