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Swami Krishnapremananda

Swami Krishnapremananda trained as a yoga teacher at Mandala Yoga Ashram around 20 years ago and has been teaching yoga ever since. Over the years he has matured into a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher with a wise, humble, and gentle presence. He is now a senior Ashram teacher and director of courses, including the Ashram’s highly regarded Yoga Teacher Training Course. He also teaches seminars around the UK and in Europe.

He describes his spiritual journey as ‘touching the ground of existence’, ‘a surrendering to the Divine’ and ‘a coming home’ and is deeply grateful for the many joyful gifts of grace he has received along the way. He loves Ashram life for the opportunity to learn from the teachings and presence of wise teachers, to feel connected to spiritual energies, as well as for the privilege of guiding students and witnessing them grow and blossom.

His primary yogic path is a combination of Bhakti Yoga (‘Yoga of the Heart’) and Gyana Yoga (‘The Path of Insight or Wisdom’), supported by an integrated practice of all the main paths of yoga.

He has travelled to India many times to visit and study with teachers there and is a student of Sanskrit – the language in which Indian sacred texts and most key yogic texts are written. He is also a trained counsellor and a qualified death doula, in order to support people through end-of-life experiences. He helps facilitate ‘death cafes’ in and around Llandovery,  inviting people to gather together over a cup of tea or equivalent, and openly discuss death and related matters. Furthermore he is now training as an independent funeral celebrant, so as to be able to offer respectful, appropriate and meaningful funeral services.

These different skill sets enhance his natural empathy, sensitivity and skilfulness in guiding people on the spiritual path.