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Lisa and Rob

Hi there!  We are Lisa and Rob at ArenaCreations, we look after the website, the design and send of the regular newsletters and also the design of the flyers for our gorgeous family at Om Yoga Works.

It is the best job in the world looking after such wonderful people in their fabulous Yorkshire yoga studio in Farsley, Leeds.

Lisa has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and was encouraged by Anji, through her classes at the Om Yoga Works studio, to train to be a yoga teacher too back in 2012.

We care about our clients and their individual businesses.  The relationship between ArenaCreations and Om Yoga Works is all about trust and that creative bond which we share, with a desire to do the very best for our students and our friends.

Go with Peace, Go with Joy, Go with Love!

T: 07870 572058

E: client@arenacreations.co.uk

Website: arenacreations.co.uk