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Mel Hibbert

I am a hatha/somatic and yin yoga teacher and enjoy practising and teaching slow and mindful approaches to yoga that allow us time to pause and find some space in our often busy and saturated lives. For me, this has been hugely beneficial for relieving fatigue and replenishing energy levels that can so quickly be depleted through the day-to-day demands of work and life.

Throughout my thirties, I tried out different yoga and meditation classes and styles, but ultimately found that the hatha, yin and restorative approaches to yoga suited me more than the hot and sweaty types!  I also attended classes and courses in Somatics and Mindfulness Meditation, both of which are still a big influence on my personal practice and teaching.

I completed a 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Hero in Leeds in 2017, followed by my main 200hr teacher training in Yoga Mindfulness with Still Flowing Yoga, who I chose to train with as they offered a training course which blended hatha yoga with the teachings of Mindfulness meditation and somatic movement. I started teaching as soon as I finished my course and have since taught Hatha, Yin, Somatic and Chair-based yoga classes in community organisations and gyms throughout Leeds since.

I have found Hatha and slower yoga styles hugely beneficial for improving how I move and for reducing general aches and pains.  I have definitely found more freedom and ease in how I move and enjoy helping others to find this in their own bodies, through simple movements and yoga practices. I have worked with many older clients who have been able to restore mobility to areas where movement was previously limited.

Yoga offers us the opportunity to pause, to breathe and simply be. It allows us to connect more kindly with ourselves and to create a compassionate space for all that arises – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Yoga can help us to build an inner reserve or an anchor that we can connect to at any time for supporting ourselves and finding sustenance. Yoga is a gift to us all – regardless of age, size/shape, or whether we can touch our toes!