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Sunrise Yoga Omline

Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri
6.30am - 7.15am
Teacher(s): Andrea Brajer
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities

Rise with the sun and start your day on your mat with me and a bunch of amazing souls. You can have a taste of gentle hatha yoga, Vinyasa, HIIT yoga and relaxation as well. Loads of energising, nourishing and relaxing practices.

You need a mat however it’s not essential. Have a pillow and a blanket with you, a block (or any kind of replacement) and a strap (could be replaced with a belt or scarf). If you need props give me a shout as I have some stock for sale.

(Danielle Hawnt kindly gave permission to use her gorgeous photo)

Time: 6.30am - 7.15am

£50/month Mon-Fri (21-23 days a months)

£35 – 3 classes/week in a calendar month your choice of days (12-15 days a month)

Book 3 months for £125 only for 5 days/week or £90 for 3 days/week.

Drop in £5/session


Book with Andrea by texting 07703 325 031


email andrea@anandalifestyle.co.uk

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Andrea Brajer

Andrea Brajer

Yoga is a journey with ups and downs just like our life, it is an Omazing journey which I would love to share with you. View my profile