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Free the spine using somatic movement with Ian Young

Sat 2nd December
2.00pm - 4.00pm
Teacher(s): Ian Young
Ability Level: Open to All

Free the spine using somatic movement

Many of us experience pain and stiffness in our necks, ribs and lower backs. Somatic movement provides many tools to help us to release these habitual ways of holding tension so that we can move and feel better. It also builds your awareness of these habitual patterns to help to prevent them from happening!

The workshop will be fully experiential so you should leave really being able to feel the difference in your soma (the body as experienced by you from the inside in all its totality). You will also leave with some tools to take away to use in your daily life, both in exercise routines but also, importantly, in your everyday life to learn why the problems are occurring in the first place and to help to prevent them from happening. So this isn’t just something you do on a mat to help you feel better for an afternoon but an education in your unhelpful habits so you can learn and find new ways of being in the world which can open so many more possibilities for you!

Ian teaches from the inside out as he has learnt to unwind the tension from severe spinal arthritis since childhood .

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm

£25 or £22 for Ommies

(Early bird price to 19 Nov £22 or £20 for Ommies)


Please contact Ian to book direct


E: owlyian@yahoo.co.uk

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Ian Young

Ian Young

The power of his teaching comes from his fully embodied sense of how Somatics is able to release tension from the body and he is able to teach from the inside out as he has been through the process himself. View my profile