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Silent Yin Saturday Special Treat

Sat 29th May
Studio & Omline
Teacher(s): Angela Ripley
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Everybody Welcome

Two hours of de-stressing, re-balancing, and discovering a little more clarity.

Angela will guide you through a lovingly releasing yin yoga practice. Simple postures will be held for about 5 minutes, the aim is to relax the muscles, create space in the joints & soften deeply within. We gift ourselves the time to listen, to explore our inner landscape, to become friendly with what is, we can gently and lovingly come home to our authentic self and this precious moment.

The class will be held in total silence after the initial instructions are given.
A bell is used to gently draw you back to the external where you will find Angela demonstrating the next position for you to imitate or discover your version of.

Cushions and blankets are generously used to support your body in the shapes to encourage your ligaments, tendons, and fascia to soften and ease. Space is created in the joints so these can be deliciously nourished.

Time: 10.00am-12.00pm

£15 or £12 for Ommies.

Can also be taken as part of your usual Saturday Class Payment if you are a Saturday Ommie.


Book with Angela
E: anji@omyogaworks.co.uk
T: 07786 255 211

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Angela Ripley

Angela Ripley

Angela successfully ran Rodley Yoga Works for several years before uniting with Bridget to form Om Yoga Works. View my profile