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Pregnancy Yoga

7.30pm - 8.30pm
Teacher(s): Jal Kamal Hilson
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Pregnancy 12+ weeks

Jal is offering classes online on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays, please get in touch with Jal for details.

If you are a blossoming mum-to-be, join Buds & Blossom for weekly pregnancy yoga.

Pregnancy is a unique and very special time in a blossoming new mother’s life. From the moment you find out you are holding life within you, to the moment your new born baby is in your arms and beyond, motherhood is a wonderful gift of nature.

Benefits include:

* Toning and strengthen building through yoga asanas.
* Working on posture and alignment to help alleviate pregnancy related ailments and tension in the body.
* Breathing and meditation techniques help to aid relaxation and reduce stress.
* Mother – baby bonding meditation to help connect with your unborn baby.
* Breathing techniques and preparing you for a positive birthing experience.
* Learn and share your journey with other blossoming mums-to-be.

These classes are perfect for beginners who want to explore yoga during their pregnancy and great for enthusiasts, who want to learn safe techniques and asanas to keep them at optimal health throughout their pregnancy.
Buds & Blossom pregnancy yoga classes are so much more than just physical stretching practice. We aim to create a beautiful and nurturing atmosphere where women can come to listen and learn and share their experiences and questions.


Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm


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Jal Kamal Hilson

Jal Kamal Hilson

I believe yoga is for everyone and all body types. It is not a physical sport but more of a lifestyle choice, a conscious move towards creating a better you. View my profile