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Om Tween Yoga

Teacher(s): Andrea Brajer
Ability Level: 9-14 year olds (Flexible)

Classes online, Please contact Andrea for details.

Are you curious about yoga? You’ve heard about it, don’t know much about it but want to try it? If you are aged 9 -14 and want to start on a new journey of self-discovery then these are the perfect classes for you.

What is yoga? Yoga means union. Union of mind, body and spirit. 

Here at Tween Yoga we offer a safe, non-judgmental space. Where you, as individuals can feel connected with yourself and others around you. It helps build bonds in your life making you feel more confident and secure.


Physically: Yoga builds strength, increases flexibility, lengthens the muscles, increases coordination and balance, builds core stability, and can help students’ posture rebound from a day hunched over a desk (or a smartphone!). Other reasons are, if you are a sport enthusiast, you may join to gain body awareness and injury prevention. If you suffer from past injuries, you may wish to join to strengthen and repair your body.

Educationally: As a tween, there is so much distractions around – from social media, to keeping up with homework demands, balancing social activities and family engagement.  

Yoga can help you mentally refocus on the task at hand. We at Tween Yoga will provide you techniques to practicing living in the moment on the mat, enabling you to have the power to fully concentrate on the present moment off the mat.

Emotional: By practicing present moment living on the mat, students will have a better sense of their emotions. At Tween Yoga we will explore emotions, enable you to connect with yourself and understand more fully what you are feeling. By developing a better understanding of your emotion, this allows you to process them and gain self-understanding.

Emotional intelligence is a very powerful thing to learn at an early age.

In addition to connecting you with your emotions, yoga encourages self-love and self-acceptance. This benefit is especially powerful in your youth, at a time when you are struggling with body image and are conscious of what others may say or think. It’s a beautiful way to learn to love yourself and appreciate the body for what it is and what it can do, rather than what it looks like. It builds compassion for the self which then radiates to compassion for others.

Mentally: Yoga’s mental benefits are well documented. It is widely known that youth who practice yoga show more positive moods, less anxiety and depression, are more confident and greatly enjoy asana practice. They are also better equipped to deal with the stress and anxiety of exams, placement tests, speaking in front of a crowd. Yoga also helps with all the other pressures of school and your personal.

Socially: Yoga creates social connection. As mentioned, yoga means union in Sanskrit. It helps you understand yourself and others, learning to accept one another more fully, no matter their clique, social interests or popularity ranking.

Yoga is non-judgemental, and the more we practice, the more acceptance and less judgement we’ll have in our daily lives. Our aim is to connect everyone, making you feel part of it. A chance to listen and learn from one another. Creating an all-inclusive environment, where everything is put into perspective and everything is just fine!


Andrea have many years of experience in teaching all age groups and all levels. Connecting people with their true self, showing them the path to a way of living which is called yoga and now they take upon this new challenge to work with teenagers. 

These classes are term times only. Each term we will focus on different subject to learn about the importance mental and physical well-being through yoga, and touch on other aspects of this beautiful and ancient practice. 

AGES• 9-14 but can be flexible

What to wear and bring • anything comfortable so the body can move around without any restriction. Don’t need to bring anything other than yourself

Time: 4.00pm-5.00pm

£6/session when you pay for the full term

£8/session when you drop in

sibling discount is available – ask for details


Wednesday 3rd June – Wednesday 14th July – 7 sessions


Please text/call Andrea

T: 07703325031

Come and try Tween Yoga and join us  –  Andrea is really looking forward to meeting you.  Booking Essential

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Andrea Brajer

Andrea Brajer

Yoga is a journey with ups and downs just like our life, it is an Omazing journey which I would love to share with you. View my profile