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Yogic Meditation Class

8.50 - 9.35pm
Studio & Omline
Teacher(s): Bridget Rowan
Ability Level: Intermediate, Advance, Yoga practitioners, Some experience
Meditation Class Leeds

There are many benefits of having a regular meditation practice but meditating in a group makes it personally and socially more powerful.

In the ancient book of yogic philosophy ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ we are guided to work with the body in order to quieten the mind for meditation.  The Sage Patanjali gave us 8 stages/steps on the path to Self realisation, again starting with the wellbeing of the body & removal of tensions before moving inwards.

To be successful with our yogic meditation practise we need to be able to find a comfortable & sustainable sitting position, its true that not all meditations are practised sitting but most are.  Once this sitting position is found we can then let go of the awareness of the body, turning our attention inwards, letting go of what our senses are picking up & honing our concentration. This is when we can explore & wake up the mind & we meditate.

This class is suitable for those who have experienced yoga, meditation or other mindful movement practises or have completed the introduction to meditation at Om Yoga Works.

We have lots of equipment available including chairs if required

Class will be in the studio and also on Zoom.

Booking essential

Time: 8.50 - 9.35pm

£5 for the first class

£18  (standing order due on 1st of the month)

For more information please see Prices/Terms & Conditions 

Pay as you MediTate
£6.50 More


Bridget Rowan 07904 111 334

E: b@omyogaworks.co.uk

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Bridget Rowan

Bridget Rowan

Bridget successfully ran Yoga Buzz and Rowan Moon Simple Skincare for several years before uniting with Anji to form Om Yoga Works. View my profile