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Maslow, Patanjali & Chakras Below the Belt

Sun 17th October
Teacher(s): Carolyn Clarke
Ability Level: Teachers

Yoga Workshop with Carolyn Clarke

This CPD day encourages discussion around three main philosophical strands – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Patanjalis 8 limbed model and HYP Moksha  – in relation to personal yoga practice alongside it’s inclusion and   integration within professional teaching

It will include Asana practice relating to Vayu and Chakra placements based around stronger asana and kaya mudra, encouraging ‘intelligent edge’ practice and integrating Savrtti breathing rhythm and Hasta Mudra to detail progression.

Carolyn will explore the theories more deeply with a view to defining how they link to each other and relevance in the modern world.

Combined with practices which may bring about meditation,  a more subtle development of experiencing energy and its use will be explored.

Carolyn Clarke has been studying and teaching yoga for over 45 years, and is a DCT in Nottinghamshire. Interested in all aspects of yoga, practical and theoretical, she is always trying to develop and refine her ways of delivering yoga in all its form. She is interested in how the ancient ideas sit in the modern world and how we can filter these into the 21st Century yoga class

Time: 10.00am-4.00pm

£40 BWY Members       £50 Non-Members


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