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Imbolc Workshop (Part of the Wheel of the Year Workshop Series)

Saturday 3rd February
Teacher(s): Eleanor Chitham
Ability Level: Open to All

Imbolc Workshop (Part of the Wheel of the Year Series)


Embrace Renewal and Creativity this Imbolc.  Join us for a transformative workshop: “Embracing Imbolc’s Renewal Through Yoga, Meditation, and Creativity” as part of a series of workshops to honour the Wheel of the Year.

Imbolc marks the stirring of new life and the return of light and we will dive into a 3-hour immersive experience blending yoga, meditation, and journaling to mark this seasonal shift and honour the Celtic goddess Brigid.

Yoga Flow: Connect with the awakening of nature through symbolic poses and creative sequences embracing growth and renewal.

Guided Meditation: Tap into the flow of Awen, drawing inspiration from nature’s awakening and Brigid’s nurturing energy.

Journaling Session: Explore your intentions for personal growth and creativity, guided by the spirit of Imbolc and Brigid.

Reserve your place and embrace the transformative power of this sacred time. No prior yoga experience needed. Open to all seeking renewal and creative inspiration.

Join us as we honour the awakening of the season and channel our creative energies to welcome new beginnings!

Time: 2.00pm-5.00pm



For enquiries and reservations, message Eleanor on 07738374055

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Eleanor Chitham

Eleanor Chitham

My type of yoga is mindful, breath-led and kind. I weave gentle Hatha flowing sequences into my classes and value function over form. View my profile