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Centred in the Now

5th - 8th September 2024
The Briery Retreat and Conference Centre
Ability Level: Open to All

“Centred in the Now”

A special long weekend retreat in the Yorkshire Dales with Swami Gyan Dharma

About the Course

This retreat will once again be based on the ideas shared in Swami Gyan Dharma’s forthcoming book ‘Centred in the Now’.  As requested by the attendees of our 2023 retreat, our 2024 will be over four days, giving the opportunity to go deeper into the practices.

‘We live almost entirely in the future or the past and spend little or no time in the present. We don’t know how to be where we are, and our inner and outer lives are not properly connected. Externally we can be doing one thing while internally in our minds we are doing something entirely different. The spiritual life is something we live to bring those two lives together.

When we talk about being Centred in the Now, that is what we talk about. Centred in the Now means we are present with our lives the way they are, while at the same time are aware of the thoughts and feelings that come and go in our minds. When we are in the Now, that is a state in which there is no mental drifting, no daydreaming, no hoping and no fantasising. We are aware. We are where we are, with all of who we are, on all the levels of our existence, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Centred in the Now invites you to explore the Now in a real actual way.’

It will be a weekend of being where you are, centring yourself in the Now through the disciplines of meditation and chanting. There will also be morning yoga asana practice and yoga nidra.

About the Teacher

Swami Gyan Dharma was born in Denmark and has lived a full-time spiritual life for over 40 years, his teachings are very practical and accessible with depth and personal experience shining through.

He lived, studied and practiced in India for many years,​ then engaged in retreat to deepen his understanding and experience of the teachings. The depth of his wisdom is conveyed through his teachings and presence.

Gyan Dharma teaches a practical approach to both the​ inner and outer life. Acknowledging the mystical parts of​ life whilst also being very much grounded in the present​ 

Gyan Dharma is an exceptional teacher and now teaches all over the world, we are very fortunate to have him return to teach once again here Yorkshire!

The venue

The Briery Retreat and Conference Centre, 38 Victoria Ave, Ilkley, LS29 9BW

Our retreat will take place at the Briery Retreat and Conference Centre, located at the foot of the Ilkley Moor, in Yorkshire.

Accommodation – most of the rooms are single en-suite (there are a couple of double / twin rooms available – please request at the time of booking if you would prefer one of these)

Food a​nd drinks – All meals and refreshments will be provided over the weekend and will be vegetarian (if you have other dietary needs, please indicate these on the booking form).

The Retreat

Our retreat starts with arrival on Thursday from 4pm to settle in and find your room and an arrival guided relaxation at 5pm. This will be followed by dinner and an introduction session with Swami Gyan Dharma.

We will also have periods of silence (mouna) to give the opportunity to deepen our experience during the retreat.

Saturday and Sunday will begin with yoga which will be suitable for all levels (a full timetable will be sent nearer the time).

There will be time for walking and exploring the area, resting or connecting with the others.

Time: Thursday 4pm – Sunday 2pm (after lunch)

Cost for retreat including all teachings, accommodation and meals: £425

£396 Early Bird if booked and deposit paid by 30th April 2024

£100 deposit required to secure your place – balance due by 31st July 2024


Cost for retreat including all teachings, accommodation and meals: £425

£396 Early Bird if booked and deposit paid by 30th April 2024

£100 deposit required to secure your place – balance due by 31st July 2024

Nitya Mukti 07761 663262
Email nityamuktakirtan@gmail.com
Full timetable