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Does your Yoga Teaching respect the Body’s Intelligence? Anatomy Course With Lesley Dike

11.00am -5.15pm
Teacher(s): Lesley Dike
Ability Level: Teachers

This will be a highly practical course. There will be discussion and theory but the primary source of our learning will be by experience.

Theory will be backed up by a workshop style, in-depth exploration of a range of static and dynamic movements.

Please note : This course outline is not set in stone. This will be a dynamic course and the focus may adjust depending on current learning and research.

Day One : What do we teach? Is it time to put down the books?

The starting point for this course is to look at what we are teaching now. As teachers we should always be questioning what we do, and some the questions we will ask on this course include :

  • What do we teach? Is it strengthening? Stretching?
  • Are we teaching things we are unsure about?
  • What are our favorite postures? And why?
  • Do books help or do they limit us?
  • What is stretching? Is it useful? Is it therapeutic? What does the science say?
  • What type of strengthening is typical in yoga asana?
  • Is what we teach encouraging movement or discouraging it?
  • Is the way we teach balance useful?
  • How important is the core?
  • What about the breath?
  • What is Neural Mapping?
  • And many more!!

The Format of this opening day will be one of group discussion and practical enquiry and will set the scene for themes running throughout the course.

We will use various postures to explore these questions. Everything we do will keep referring back to the postures and to the body and we will be working on the mat to explore ideas as we go.

Recommended reading given during this day.

Day Two : The feet and the road to teaching balance

We will begin with some basic anatomy – exploring our own feet and becoming aware of how vitally important they are!

This day includes training in how to teach balance effectively, based on a thorough understanding of how balance actually works.

All the theory will be experienced through a range of asanas such as Tree variations, Warrior 3, Half moon poses etc.

Day 3 : What can we learn from the cat, the dog and the bridge?

This whole day will focus on three very important postures, the Cat, the Dog and the Bridge. We will explore basic versions of these postures and then look at a wide range of variations and progressions.

Through a practical examination of these postures we will develop a deeper understanding of the key principles which are at the heart of this course.

This day, like all the others will be highly practical with loads of personal enquiry & working on mat.

Day 4 : What do we teach the spine in asana? What can we learn from the spine?

  • What is the spine for?
  • What are we aiming to do with the spine in asana?
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Lordoses and kyphoses – how do these affect our movement?
  • Facet joint orientation… what are the implications of this structural knowledge.
  • Hypermobility

This day will involve working through a range of asanas and seeing how they impact on the spine.

Day 5 : A cornucopia of teaching skills!

Tricks, props, cues, prompts and other tips.

The focus of this day is the practical teaching of asana. We will do this in a ‘workshop’ style, stopping to look at issues as they arise.

There will also be time in this day to review any questions which have arisen over the months of the course.


About Lesley Dike

Yoga teacher and chartered Physiotherapist.

Lesley qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1981. She later embarked on a career in musculoskeletal physiotherapy., which is when the anatomy learning really started. Understanding structural anatomy revolutionised the way she teaches yoga, which is with a strong emphasis on safety and on healthy movement habits. Lesley worked in the NHS for 8 years and then slowly  moved into developing her own private clinic ‘Physio for Yoga’. Her major influences are Pete Blackaby (yoga teacher and osteopath) and Joanne Elphinston (physiotherapist and international coach). Lesley teaches on the London Yoga Teacher Training Course, alongside Peter Blackaby and Chloe Freemantle, as well as teaching IST days for The British Wheel of Yoga and Friends of Yoga (FRYOG).

What previous students have said about Lesley’s teaching and this course

If you are contemplating doing this course please do as you will increase your awareness of how the body works, what postures to include in your teaching and why, and for me personally, it has given me the confidence to be more intelligent in what I offer to my class participants. Les is a fabulous tutor who shares her knowledge throughout the course. There is time to explore and discuss the areas of learning. The pace and content is fabulous. I am so glad to have done this course and glad to have met Les too. She is legendary!

JB, course participant, Winter 2019/20


The course exceeded my expectations. I didn’t realize how much I would learn and how much knowledge you would share. I have enjoyed every minute.


The course was mindblowingly stimulating. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Les’ style of teaching is so interactive and fun, you are learning without even realizing it. Every day flew by and I left with an armful of notes and renewed enthusiasm for yoga and our bodies.

JL  course participant winter 2019/20


Les has so much knowledge both as a physio and a yoga teacher so she can expertly combine the two. Les delivers the course with humour too which makes learning easier and more enjoyable. There is lots of theory but balanced well with practical too. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.

LF, course participant, winter 2019/20


The course was fun and challenging and incredibly informative. Every yoga teacher should do this course. I feel a much safer and informed yoga practitioner. Les has so much passion and knowledge for the subject and teaches in a humourous and insightful way. Thank you!



The course has taught me new things about the human body and movement so that I have begun to relate my yoga practice more directly to the strength and mobility needed for optimum functioning in daily life…. All this has been a revelation – a different way of learning anatomy and physiology – and a different approach to teaching yoga… thank you!


Time: 11.00am -5.15pm
Next Classes:
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  • 13th June
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